How I can help.....

The beauty of the service is that I can help with as little or as much as you need. From reviewing the layout of a building project, to hanging pictures when you have moved in, the help is there to suit you. Here are just a few of the the services I offer:

  • Room Layouts - The use of rooms, and how you move around the house is key to a successful development. Plans can be exciting, but also deceptive and it is too easy to miss small details that can transform how a house will work when it is finished. I will make sure you plans reflect your needs.
  • Electrical & Radiator Layouts - Get sockets, radiators and lighting in the right place, first time. Mistakes can be frustrating to live with and expensive to correct.
  • Bathroom & Kitchen Design - I can ensure that the design and layout you choose will suit both you and your budget and give you a result that is both personal and beautiful.
  • Paint Colours - The wrong colour can ruin a room, the right colour will transform it. I can give you the confidence and suppliers to find your perfect colour scheme.
  • Floor Finishes - Carpet? Stone? Wood? Sisal? Tile? What colour? What pattern to lay it in? The choice is endless and overwhelming. I can help with what floor goes where to create the best look for you, and your budget.
  • Curtain Design - Whether it be what fabric to use, where to get it, or how to get it made up, I can help.
  • Furniture - Furnishing a house is exciting but it can also be expensive. I can make sure you use your existing furniture effectively, and that new pieces fit beautifully with the old and suit your budget.
  • Finishing Touches - Getting help with arranging your furniture, picture hanging and finding the perfect home for the pieces that you love can transform the finished look of your house. This is a popular service as it can give a new lease of life to existing furniture and accessories.
  • Just want a Change? If there is no budget or need for expensive renovations, there is still a way to revitalise your house using your existing furniture. I can help you bring a new lease of life to your existing decoration. This service is often used by those who are wanting to sell and wish to present their house in the best possible way to go on the market.